Intas Softas Plus Dog Shampoo – 200 ml


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The shampoo is effective to control ticks and fleas on cats and dogs. The shampoo has the chemical Propoxur which will be acting as an ectoparasitic, helps in reducing ticks & fleas. The anti-tick & flea shampoo is gentle to the skin and is easy to use. On regular use, the infestation can be reduced to a great extent


  • Effective in controlling fleas and ticks.
  • For all dogs and cats can be used.
  • Not to use on the puppies below 4 weeks of age.


  • Don’t let your pet lick the shampoo lather.
  • External use only.
  • Not to use if the pet has cuts/ injuries on the skin.


Wet the coat of the pet. Apply shampoo to form a rich lather.

Massage gently starting from shoulders and moving to the tail.

Apply on feet, legs, and tail

In case of severe infestation, repeat the treatment twice a week.

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